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B4brand is a Toronto-based bilingual English/French branding and marketing agency with a strong focus on storytelling. We help purpose-driven brands tell their unique stories online and offline, creating genuine, authentic relationships with their audiences and facilitating brand advocacy.

Founded in 2017, B4brand is the entrepreneurial adventure of Hermine Mbondo, a versatile Marketing Consultant who believed that there was more to her professional life than work, work, work. Driven by a desire to make a difference and passionate about branding, Hermine decided to use her proven marketing expertise for the greater good. So, she created B4brand to help purpose-driven brands find their unique voice in today’s hyper-connected, noisy digital world, and connect their narrations with their audiences across multiple channels.




At B4brand, we are all about purpose-driven brands. We tell their unique stories and create memorable brand experiences. But we are more than brand storytellers. We are brand community builders. Our multidisciplinary team of thinkers and doers focuses on brand strategy, brand content, and brand advocacy, to ensure your consumers feel engaged, valued and heard.
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If you google ‘Bassa’, you will learn that the Bassa are a Bantu ethnic group in Cameroon. This is where Hermine’s journey began. Often referred to as “all Africa in one country” or “Little Africa”, Cameroon happens to have – just like Canada – French and English as official languages. Being ‘Bassa’ means more than belonging to one of the 200+ ethnic groups that constitute this country. It’s the foundation of Hermine’s identity.
Hermine Mbondo - Founder and CEO - B4brand
Domaine du Petpenoun, Cameroon




Being French is the second component that cements Hermine’s bicultural identity. With her extensive content creation experience in both English and French, Hermine knows that some expressions simply cannot be literally translated. Having a bilingual English/French brand voice to tell your story to all your Canadian consumers and customers is definitely a great asset. That’s why our multicultural capacity makes us an attractive partner for our national and international clients as well.

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