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We helped over 200 entrepreneurs and main street businesses achieve digital transformation.

Digital Main Street is a government-funded program offering a range of services that help main street businesses get online.  

The pandemic’s impact on local economy. 

During the pandemic, businesses were hit hard with forced closures, less people walking through their doors, and a shift in people’s shopping habits. Covid accelerated the need for businesses to be online, leaving business owners feeling lost trying to figure out where to start. From e-commerce stores to social media, and virtual activities, consumers were increasingly choosing to browse and purchase online. 

Getting brick-and-mortar businesses online.  

Small businesses that weren’t already online felt the impact of the pandemic the most. They went from managing face-to-face relationships to communicating in a noisy online world. They were faced with the reality that to survive, they needed to find digital solutions. This could be anything from creating an online store, to sharing products on social media, to branding, and beyond. 

Teaching digital transformation. 

We collaborated with community organizations, business accelerator and incubator programs in Ontario to facilitate webinars in both English and French. We focused on providing advice, strategies, and next steps for businesses to begin their online journey. 

The Digital Main Street program was one of these programs where we provided online marketing courses on business PR and marketing strategies to help them achieve digital transformation.  

Supporting the Canadian entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

Since 2020, we have helped over 200 entrepreneurs by providing them with coaching, branding, marketing and mentorship services through our collaborations and partnerships with not-for-profit organizations dedicated to supporting Canadian entrepreneurs. 

Deliverables for Digital Main Street:  

Online Digital Courses in:  

  • Business PR Strategies (‘How to Get Free Publicity for your Business’)  
  • Marketing your Business (‘Leveraging Marketing Tools to Grow’) 

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