AFÉSEO is the provincial francophone centre for innovation in early childhood education. Through its educational centres and support services for early childhood professionals, AFÉSEO looks after the interests of and empowers all individuals, organizations, and institutions who play a role in the early childhood education sector.

Project Overview

How to encourage Gen Z to consider a career in early childhood education? 

As Canada faces a shortage of early childhood educators, finding and retaining qualified early childhood educators (ECE) has been a challenge for many local childcare centres. As a result, new graduates in early childhood education are in high demand! Now more than ever, the field has an extremely high placement rate.

To promote early childhood education as a rewarding and exciting field full of opportunities, we created a series of promotional videos to be used on social media and for school outreach programs.

Deliverables include: 

  •     Institutional video (target audience: parents and general public)
  •     Testimonial videos (target audience: career counsellors)
  •     TikTok/Instagram videos (target audience: teenagers aged 15-17)





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