Entrepreneurs 15-30

Entrepreneurs15-30 is a one-stop platform that provides valuable information and resources designed to support Francophone entrepreneurs aged 15 to 30 years old across Canada.

Project Overview

How to create a user-friendly, mobile-first website that serves as a one-stop resource and information platform for the next generation of Francophone entrepreneurs across Canada?

RDÉE Canada has been a staple in fostering the economic development of the Francophone and Acadian communities for over 20 years. Wanting to support the next generation of Francophone entrepreneurs, they created Entrepreneurs15-30—a platform to help young adults embark on a path of entrepreneurship.

To help them with this new initiative, we used a fun and sophisticated design approach and developed a mobile-first, one-stop website to assist young entrepreneurs in the steps of getting their business off the ground, giving them access to tips, tools, and resources that will allow them to successfully start and run their business. A responsive and user-friendly platform was curated for easy navigation and to optimize the user’s journey. This was also achieved by transforming text-heavy documents into fun, Instagram-like carousels to guide desktop and mobile users through the site, helping them find important information quickly and efficiently. 

To ensure brand consistency with the RDÉE Canada guidelines while creating a unique and distinct look and feel, we incorporated brand colours throughout the website using colourful, funky illustrations. The illustrations allowed us to visually represent the diverse Francophone community as well as the age range of the target audience, 15-30 years old. When developing the logo, we wanted it to reiterate diversity and networking, specifically the connections made as an entrepreneur, through an organization like RDÉE Canada. The different coloured dots within the logo playfully symbolize this while displaying the brand colours, anchoring the brand’s identity and representing networking and connectivity.

With this website and brand identity, we were able to provide RDÉE Canada with an engaging and fresh platform to flourish in a space where most entrepreneur websites are too institutional and considered overwhelming to this “tech” generation. This new website will help them in their mission of supporting the current Francophone and Acadian communities as well as the future entrepreneurs to come.

 Deliverables for this project include:

  • Art direction / brand identity
  • Logo design
  • Website design


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