French On Spot

French On the Spot is an up and coming after-school French language learning program for children 4 to 12 years old.

Project Overview

How to turn a simple sketch into a logo with purpose?

French On Spot’s mission is to provide an inclusive, quality before and after school care program that will focus on French language learning. Its purpose is to allow each child to acquire a better understanding of the French language. 

With just a quick sketch, we were able to turn French On the Spot into a brand identity that captured the rich backstory as well as the fun and inclusive environment French On Spot will provide.

The founder wanted a palm tree to represent French On Spot because her grandfather used to read to her under the palm trees when she was younger. So we developed a few options that incorporated the palm with a warm and inviting colour palette.

We decided to move forward with this concept as it was unique, straight-forward and not only represented the palm, but a child reading a book as well. The colour palette is inclusive, inviting and friendly. The yellow green represents growth, the sandy brown is warmth and friendship and the blue is safety and trust.

This brand identity is easily applied to social media platforms and compliments vibrant imagery and inclusive colours.

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