La Bonne Graine

Sorted into themed collections, La Bonne Graine’s range of kitchen accessories mark the return of authentic, simple, generous cuisine with the sweet flavours from yesteryear, as well as a return to the pleasure of preparing fresh seasonal products.

Project Overview

How to breathe new life to traditional kitchen hand tools by creating a mainstream brand that promotes authenticity, nature, tradition, and healthy, homemade cooking?

According to the popular French saying, it’s in old pots that we make the best soups!

With an eye-catching, retro/vintage visual identity that stands out, appeals to consumers’ senses and conveys the values of nature, authenticity and tradition, La Bonne Graine helped bring coherence and clarity to the company’s product lines.

The brand’s kitchen hand utensils are designed for a traditional use and the preparation of seasonal ingredients that give a modern spin to a cuisine inspired by our grandmothers’ recipes.

With the repeated scandals in the food industry, eating healthy appears like the last resort for many foodies. Home cooking is a way to achieve that. So, why not cook using fresh, seasonal produce?

From brand creation to brand rollout, we brought to life La Bonne Graine’s story while communicating its core values in various multilingual media and marketing collateral, including: product packaging, videos, catalogues, website, tradeshow merchandising, POP displays, and sell sheets. Our work also included managing social media platforms and press relations. We also collaborated with culinary chefs and Best Craftsmen of France to come up with new recipes and promote the products. We managed partnerships with food TV shows, culinary events, online food communities, and influential food bloggers.

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