Smoky Hazel

Smoky Hazel offers a blend of spices from around the world for a unique and exciting seasoning experience, including their featured spice brand KLISHI.

Project Overview

How to bring authentic Central African spice blends to North American tables?

Derived from the word Kilishi, an African type of beef jerky that originates mainly from the Northern part of Nigeria and the Northern part of Cameroon, KLISHI invites foodies to get creative and flavour up their recipes with incredible Central African spices. From spicy to mild, there’s something for every home cook, even for the most adventurous taste buds! 

We combined vibrant colours and bold fonts with pattern elements to bring out the unique personality of the brand. We wanted to give the brand a premium look and feel that is both modern, sophisticated and authentic to its African roots to appeal to the world’s adventurous foodies. 

Deliverables include: 

    • Brand style guide 
    • Packaging and food labels
    • Brand and marketing strategy
    • Focus groups

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