Give Back to Great Causes This Holiday Season!

The holidays are an amazing time of year to get together with family and friends but the aftermath can often have a disastrous impact on the environment. We’ve created a list based on some of our favourite purpose-driven brands, not only for the holiday season, but for all year round so you can treat your loved ones with conscious care.

Citron Jaune Collection by Citron Jaune

From hand bags to dresses, Citron Jaune has a wide variety of clothing and accessories using top quality materials, fair production, and less waste. Each piece is created to reflect the inner beauty of those who wear them. The Citron Jaune collection started off as a children’s brand and eventually added pieces for fashionable, sophisticated women ages 30 and above looking for unique and luxurious clothing. Citron Jaune inspires fashion-forward women in North America to take pride in wearing handcrafted, artisan pieces while making a difference. Behind each piece, a team of talented men and women bring amazing concepts to life. Proudly made in Madagascar, Citron Jaune has created opportunities for its employees by providing them with sustainable wages and a safe work environment. Let’s show our support for this new brand entering the North American market by shopping consciously! 

Comfortable Outerwear by Ten Tree

Ten Tree is a very popular Canadian brand that prides itself in sustainable clothing that plants 10 trees with every purchase. They sell outerwear in a range of sizes and styles but that isn’t the exciting part, every purchase contributes to their brand mission called “Climate+”. Climate+ is an initiative Ten Tree started from the very beginning in 2012. The founders Kalen Emsley and David Luba made it their purpose to lower the carbon footprint, usually increased by fast fashion, their promise is that “we’ll plant trees that will eventually offset your footprint while providing jobs and rehabilitating ecosystems”. They have a huge selection of comfortable hoodies and soft loungewear that’s perfect for getting cozy this holiday season. Check them out and plant 10 trees!

Recycled swimwear by Londre

This cold, snowy weather isn’t for everyone and we know a lot of you snowbirds will be traveling to warmer destinations for the holidays. Last minute shopping for a bathing suit to wear on those warm sandy beaches? Look no further! Londre is a Canadian minimalist sustainable swimwear brand making pieces from recycled plastic bottles. So far, Londré has recycled 90,000 plastic bottles from the streets and beaches of Taiwan! Looking to create the smallest impact possible, all water used in the brand’s process is able to be reused and recycled. Londre is also creating positive change in our global community, using the business to raise awareness and funds for women’s health and environmental initiatives, donating over $10,000 to organizations such as Amazon Watch and the Yellow Hammer Fund.

Modern Dollhouse Furniture by Minterior

From miniature cutting boards to marble countertop sinks, Minterior’s mission is to provide the finest, high-quality, and most elegant dollhouse furniture to children who enjoy spending countless hours in their imagination Minterior believes that children should be encouraged to play for as long as possible, which is why they’re creating furniture that resonates with children from the tender age of four and beyond. Their goal is to incorporate realistic, pleasing designs into the daily lives of children to ensure that each child gets the opportunity to make incredible, magical, and imaginative memories that last forever. If you or someone you’re shopping for this year is looking to boost their child’s confidence and curiosity, consider checking out Minterior!

Suede Lamu Mule by Ubuntu Life 

Not only are these espadrille mules handmade from natural sources, but they were on Oprah’s 2020 Favourite Things list because they were so comfortable and easy to wear. All proceeds go towards the Ubuntu Life Foundation that provides pediatric health and special needs education in Kenya. They also ensure ethical employment opportunities and health insurance to Kenyan employees. Gifting these stylish slides to your loved ones won’t only make them look and feel good, but will make you feel good for contributing to an amazing cause as well.

Jewel Garden by Lula’s Garden

Who wouldn’t love a small, personalized garden in the comfort of their own home? Not only does this hand-planted succulent garden improve your home aesthetic, but it also improves the lives of others. When you buy one of these beautiful gardens for your home you provide someone in the developing world with six months of safe water and a portion of the proceeds go towards A gift that provides clean water – let your gift make a difference.  

National Park Candles by Good & Well Supply Co.

Global warming is becoming more prevalent every year. We are constantly looking for ways to decrease our carbon footprint. These hand-poured, soy-candles inspired by several national parks support the protection and conservation of public lands, through annual donations. They are committed to producing candles using ethically sourced materials from the USA. They create ethical employment opportunities and support local manufactures, farmers, and craftsmen. National park candles are the next best thing to a campfire and is a gift that surely gives back to the environment!

Here at B4brand, we’re here to support purpose-driven brands all year round. This holiday season think twice and consider brands that suit your style as well as your ethical and environmentally conscious values. We would love to hear from you! Help spread the word and connect with us on social media — you can find us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube — and tell us what your favourite purpose-driven brand is and why?

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