Keeping the social in social distancing.

We can’t be together right now but that doesn’t mean that we are alone. While this is the first time that any of us have experienced something like the current coronavirus pandemic, it is also the first time in history that we can socially distance without losing our connection to the world outside our homes. Love it or hate it, social media is the key to helping us build and maintain relationships with people across our city, our country, and the world. 

As a business owner, you were already overwhelmed with marketing your message and now it feels impossible! While you will need to pivot your marketing efforts, they don’t need to stop completely. We have some easy ideas to help you continue to market your brand and, more importantly, to build connections and community in a time when people need it the most. 

Show your face

Get in front of the camera and show your face. You don’t need glamorous hair and makeup or perfect lighting. You just need to show up and start talking. Seeing faces and hearing voices helps us feel connected to others. When we are social distancing, this becomes even more important. We know it can feel intimidating and so many of you have been avoiding it for years! You can prerecord short videos or go live on Facebook or Instagram. Letting people see and hear you is the first step in creating a connection that will last long after social distancing has ended.

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Invite people behind the scenes

Now that you have started developing a true connection with your audience, give them a peek behind the curtain. There is comfort in the things we do every day, especially when our lives are filled with uncertainty. Your daily tasks might seem mundane to you but to someone just getting to know your business, these glimpses of how you operate are interesting. This type of content can be introducing your staff, showing how a product is made, or explaining different productivity hacks you use. You can send some shout outs to other businesses that help make yours possible. By connecting with your suppliers, clients, and service providers online you help extend their social reach as you engage with new audiences. 

Talk about your purpose

When life becomes unpredictable, many people think about their paths and purpose. You started your business to make a difference and now is a wonderful time to talk about that.  Share why you started your business, the impact you hope to have, and why it matters. You might inspire others to start living more consciously and with purpose. You can talk about other businesses you support that are also purpose-driven and share how they have supported or influenced you.

Grow your community

We don’t have to be together to be together. Social media allows us to grow like-minded, positive, and supportive communities from our homes. Connect with individuals and businesses who share your purpose. Look for others who have a different purpose that compliments your own. This can be a great way to identify potential joint venture partners for future projects. 

Share what comforts you

Maybe you have been spending time online looking at content that you previously scrolled by before social distancing. Learning a hobby, appreciating new music, or watching something simply because it comforts you is all great content to share. If something helps you, it will probably help someone else. This is a way to support small businesses or lesser-known influencers and content creators during a time when they are not able to be out in the world promoting themselves.      

Keep the social in social distancing

We can’t meet for coffee or take a vacation trip right now. We can’t visit with neighbours or get together with friends. For many of us, this is a tough situation and it feels very lonely. We can still connect, support, and encourage each other. Now is the time to harness the positive power of social media. Put yourself out there, share your purpose, and build a community. Social distancing won’t last forever but the impact of your time on social media over the next few months can carry on for years. If you are still feeling unsure about how to pivot your social media presence, give us a call! We are happy to create a plan based on your purpose and your goals.     

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