Holiday shopping with purpose.

This holiday season, let’s support businesses that are trying to make the world a better place.

‘Tis the Season for holiday shopping! Are you wondering how to be socially conscious while treating your loved ones? Well, you’re not alone. An Ipsos survey found that most Canadians prioritize gifts with meaning and lasting impact, with over 95% of the population wanting to purchase gifts from purpose-driven brands. We have put together a list of some of our favourite mission-driven brands so that you can spoil everyone on your list.

Conscious Step Socks that fight global issues.

In partnership with some of the world’s most impactful organizations, Conscious Step offers beautifully designed socks that are made from organic, fair trade cotton. What makes Conscious Step unique is that customers are able to pick from 21 different social causes and then purchase socks that support the chosen cause. Their socks have provided 58,000 meals to starving children and distributed 37,000 books to school children in need. What better way to show someone that you care by gifting them something that empowers a cause that is dear to their heart.

Conscious Step - Socks that give books
Conscious Step – Socks that give books

Keap Zero-waste candles.

What started as a philosophical discussion surrounding personal connection and nature, founders Steve and Harry saw the potential to create a product that provides solace in a chaotic world. And Keap candle was born; a masterfully scented, zero-waste candle that actively contributes to a regenerative future. Given that they’re a B certified corporation, Keap meets the highest standard of social and environmental impact. Take a scent journey with “Wood Cabin” –inspired from a fall mountain hike with hints of cedar wood and nutmeg– or  “Cotton Magnolia” –reminiscent of a fresh, spring day– to name a few of their scented candles. Keap offers candles that are individually boxed with gift notes, perfectly packaged for the holiday season.

Keap candle
Keap candle

Nordgreen – Giving back with your watch.

Who wouldn’t love a beautiful Scandinavian watch that could also provide clean water, educate children or plant more trees? Nordgreen partnered with Water for Good, Cool Earth and Pratham UK to introduce a giving back program that allows consumers to donate a part of their purchase to a cause that resonates with them the most. Through their giving back program, they have provided over 6,500 months of quality education to children in India and 23,200 months of clean drinkable water to the Central African Republic. How does it work, you might ask? Once you make your purchase, you will receive a unique code that can be entered on their website to donate a percentage of your purchase to your chosen cause. A watch from Nordgreen would not only make your loved ones look good, it would also make you feel good!

Nordgreen watches
Nordgreen watches

Buy Good. Feel Good. – Brands that share your values.

If you’re still not sure what you’re looking for but know that you want it to make a difference, Buy Good. Feel Good. is probably the place for you. The company can be best described as a one-stop-shop that finds and promotes a variety of purpose-driven brands. Their marketplace features high quality products from women-owned, zero-waste, fair trade and handmade businesses for you to choose from and support. You’ll find everything from apparel, to home décor and edible goods, with separate sections for men, women and children. Shopping on a budget? They have a “gifts under $50” section for more budget-friendly options!

Buy Good. Feel Good. Fair trade fashion for fall
Buy Good. Feel Good. Fair trade fashion for fall.

Shop Local Canada – Shopping local made easy.

Supporting local businesses has several environmental, economic and social benefits. From reducing carbon footprint to investing in the welfare of your community. However, you may not always be aware of the local businesses in your area or they simply might not be as accessible as you would like. Shop Local Canada addresses all of these barriers by helping Canadians discover a variety of locally owned stores across Canada. The platform provides over 50 categories of items that can be purchased either online or in-store, depending on your location. Perfectly built for the holiday season, they have gift guides that help shoppers pick items based on their personal preferences. Whether you like coffee, travelling, plants or dogs, there is something available for everybody. Many small businesses have been heavily affected by the coronavirus crisis –let’s show our support by shopping local.

Shop Local Canada - Bee-yond The Hive
Shop Local Canada – Bee-yond The Hive

Cooks Who Feed – Aprons that fight hunger by reducing food waste.

A study conducted by the UN Environment Programme found that 1.3 billion tonnes of food gets either wasted or lost every year –yet 9 million people die of hunger each year. Based in Mississauga, Ontario, Seema Sanghavi came to the realization that there was a large discrepancy between the amount of food that gets produced and how it’s allocated. After connecting the dots, Cooks Who Feed was born; an organization dedicated to fighting hunger sustainably through something as simple as an apron. Each apron is made by locally sourced, recycled and natural materials and provides 100 meals to communities in need. When you buy their apron, you actively contribute to the solution and with home cooking becoming more and more popular, this apron is truly a unique gift that gives back.

Cooks Who Feed – Handcrafted aprons
Cooks Who Feed – Handcrafted aprons

24 Good Deeds – One good deed a day.

Finally, 24 Good Deeds has brought purpose to advent calendars by facilitating 24 donations to 24 different projects through your $24 purchase. For every day of December leading up to Christmas, there is a door with a different project that became a reality thanks to your contribution. You simply donate $24 online and the advent calendar gets sent to a loved one, with a special holiday greeting. This gift can be a great way for children to get excited about charitable deeds, with something to look forward to every day. Instead of a traditional chocolate or candy calendar, why not mix things up this year?

24 Good Deeds Advent Calendars
24 Good Deeds Advent Calendars

With online shopping on the rise, let’s plan our holiday gift-giving safely –from the comfort of our homes. This holiday season, let’s share joy with everyone and make more of an effort to purchase from businesses that balance profits, the planet and its people. Connect with us on social media and tell us your favourite purpose-driven brand!

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