10 marketing resolutions business owners should keep in 2021.

We all fall short of our personal new year’s resolutions each year. Whether that be exercising 6 times a week, picking up a new hobby or reducing our sugar intake. But what about business resolutions? Setting goals and objectives for your business is commonly practised to help keep things on track. So, this time around, we’re suggesting business resolutions for you to keep! 

Haven’t thought about your marketing strategy for 2021? It’s not too late. Here is a list of some worthwhile marketing trends that will help you get off to a great start.

#1. Go beyond keywords

We’re entering a new SEO era and keywords are no longer the only answer. What makes your target audience tick? What is the purpose/benefit of your content? These questions are starting to hold a lot more value than simply adding a chock-full of trendy keywords into marketing material. Relevant, contextual, and good quality content is far more powerful for your brand, keywords will naturally follow. Find out what your audience wants to know because content that resonates will be far more valuable to your brand than keyword optimization. 

Hashtag symbol
Hashtag symbol

#2. Find your brand’s purpose

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic started, many organizations have faced uncertainties about how they should or should not operate. No matter how much the world changes around us, businesses need to understand the inherent purpose of their organization. Who are you best built to serve? Why do you exist in the first place? A deep understanding of these two questions will allow you to pivot your business to fulfill your promises – regardless of what’s happening around you.

Purpose-driven businesses have been getting more attention now than ever before. A 2020 Deloitte global marketing survey showed that one in five respondents strongly agreed when asked if positive brand actions shifted their purchasing decisions in favour of the brand. So, if your brand purpose still remains unclear, it may be time to fix that in 2021. 

#3. Strengthen the human connection

It is no surprise that our feelings can be at the forefront of our personal decisions; purchasing decisions are no different. Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman claims that 95% of our decisions are made by subconscious urges– the biggest one being our emotions. Do you want consumers to remember your brand? If so, you must tap into the emotions that lie behind it. Show your caring side, tell stories and make your customers feel special. Use first-person narratives in your content and connect with them consistently on social media so that your brand can become a part of your audience’s daily routine. By investing time into building a relationship with your audience, you’re making your brand more memorable for future consideration.

#4. Be agile

Many marketers are aware of the fact that the digital world changes quickly, but 2020 really reinforced the urgency. Touching back on the “who are you best built to serve” question asked earlier, being agile takes this a step further. A thorough understanding of your audience, their behaviours and journey is a crucial step towards becoming agile. Anticipate the needs of your consumer, collect customer feedback and act quickly. When creating a marketing strategy for 2021, practise social listening and consider doing some in-depth research of what your audiences may need from you in the future – then plan accordingly.  

#5. Encourage participation

The experience economy has become more and more popular over the years, especially amongst the youth. More than 78% of millennials would spend more on desirable experiences rather than “things” and 88% of Gen Z prefer omnichannel brand experiences. So how can you leverage these statistics to improve brand engagement? Encourage your followers to participate in branded experiences. Whether that be through creative contests, competitive challenges, highlighting user-generated content or BuzzFeed-like quizzes. Remember that engagement is a two-way street.

Women with cell phones
Women with cell phones

#6. Diversify content repertoire

Did you know that digital content consumption nearly doubled in 2020? Now is the time to explore different online platforms and create more content. Step out of your comfort zone, whether that be through podcasts, infographics, online webinars or expanding your social media presence. This will help you capture a wider audience and keep your previous customers coming back for more. Start off with some research on what your target audience engages with the most and take it forward from there. Explore new customer journey pathway’s and get creative!

#7. Get personal

Show how much you care about your customers by sending them promotional offers on their birthday, showing gratitude on their subscription anniversaries and sending personal holiday greetings. This creates a more personal relationship with your customers and makes you stand out as a caring brand. Epsilon research shows that consumers become 80% more likely to purchase from a brand when they offer personalized experiences. Be sure to make a resolution to get to know your customers more personally – it’s an age-old strategy that really works! 

#8. Increase urgency through ephemeral content

Time-limited content on social media has higher engagement, wider reach and triggers a FOMO – or “fear of missing out” – reaction in consumers. Whether that be on Facebook and Instagram stories, Snapchat or the newly introduced, Twitter fleets, this is your chance to engage with users and tell a compelling story. The best part is that it doesn’t have to be perfect – the whole purpose of ephemeral content is to show personality, authenticity and rawness. Live stream some behind the scenes, ask questions with the many poll features and start a conversation. With consistent messaging, you’ll be building lasting relationships with your audiences.  

#9. Be collaborative

With customer needs changing rapidly, strategic collaborations can empower brands to better serve their stakeholders. Brand collaborations are also an excellent way to improve your brand’s value and awareness. The tricky part is to figure out which collaboration will be a strategic fit for your organization. We recommend starting off clear objectives and with your customer in mind. What are their pain points and how can you improve their customer experience? Once you figure this out, do your research, find the right partner and reap the rewards of collaboration. 

#10. Build trust

According to a recent article from Freshworks, 83% of customers say that they will recommend a business they trust to others. But how can brands become trustworthy? Well, that really depends on your organizational goals and what your customers value. If your customers value privacy, you might want to be more transparent on how their data is being used. If you offer services, your reliability to deliver quality services consistently will build trust. Genuinely caring for your employees and customers to deliver the best experience can also build trust. It’s a coordinated effort – but it can have major benefits on your brand loyalty, especially during turbulent times.

Bonus resolution: Find your tribe!

The road to running a successful business while making a difference can feel difficult and lonely, especially in times of social distancing. In 2021, be sure to develop supportive relationships while investing in yourself. At B4brand, we’re working on something really great to support purpose-driven entrepreneurs and game-changers. Interested in learning more? Send us an email at hello@b4brand.ca and we’ll keep you in the loop.

Find your tribe

Going into a new year is exciting for many reasons – let’s add an amazing marketing strategy to the list! Connect with us on social media and let us know which resolutions you’ll be making (and keeping). Need more help with your 2021 marketing plan? We’re here to support you. Reach out to us and let’s get started! 

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