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We refreshed Africa’s leading data provider who is reshaping the narratives surrounding African consumers.

Kasi Insight, Africa’s leading decision intelligence company, offers real-time aggregated survey data on African consumers’ changing habits, needs and aspirations, empowering entrepreneurs and businesses to make well-informed decisions with confidence. They merge their own high frequency data with AI to understand trends, habits, and consumption patterns of African consumers. Their platform has access to 609 million people in Africa, conducting over 12,000 interviews a month across more than 40 of Africa’s largest economies.

An employee at the Kasi Insights office presenting on monitor screen with ‘Looking at statistics’ text, and a graph.

The challenges of accessing accurate, real-time data in Africa. 

Understanding the African market becomes challenging when data is outdated, incomplete, or simply doesn’t exist. It makes it difficult for companies interested in entering the market to conduct thorough market research and it impacts the decision-making process. Lack of accurate data makes it hard for businesses to assess their competitors, create suitable products and services, and to develop effective business and marketing plans. Without enough data, companies are not confident in making decisions, which can affect their overall choice to enter the market or not.

African woman in a dress and headwrap in front of Glass office window that reads 'Kasi Insight'.

Empowering decision makers with the right data to succeed in Africa.

Kasi Insight is shifting the way people see Africans by providing real-time consumer data for companies to accurately get an understanding of the market, the people they are selling to, and to make well-informed decisions. As an African success story themselves born, funded, led and supported by Africans they want to empower decision makers with the context, insights and foresight to succeed in Africa. They want companies to confidently launch products and services, backed by data, that will meet the market needs and fit consumer habits. 

Shaping the future through brand evolution. 

Kasi Insight, a well-established and growing business, decided that after reaching a company milestone it was time for a brand refresh. No longer wanting to take a low profile, they wanted people to start recognizing their expertise, impact, and professionalism. They made the strategic decision to refresh their brand to be modern and better aligned with their company values; rooted in their African beginnings, forward-thinking, bold, and timeless. 

Before-and-after image of Kasi Insight logo rebranding, old logo with African subcontinent graphic, new logo cleaner with arrow-like graphic.
Image showcasing features of new Kasi Insight logo with sketch arrows pointing to logo and explaining symbolism. “This arrow symbolizes reaching higher targets” and “Aggregated data merging into a path”.

Refreshing Kasi Insight’s brand with impactful design. 

We refreshed Kasi Insight by simplifying the design of their existing logo. We transformed the continent of Africa into an arrow-inspired icon that is taking off, symbolizing progress and innovation. This icon showcased them as bold and forward-thinking, reflecting their founder’s motto: “Data is like a good training coach; it pushes you to perform better and achieve higher targets”. The three lines in the logo represented the converging data their company collected. We introduced a modern and bold typeface for ‘Kasi’ to create a sense of sophistication and balanced it with a lighter-bodied typeface for ‘Insight,’ while keeping the original logo color as it already captured their brand essence. In refreshing Kasi Insight’s visual identity, we created a balanced, modern, and impactful design one that evolved alongside their journey.

Cell phone screen displaying Kasi Insight Instagram page.
Kasi Insight business card – front and back. Front shows logo and "Win with confidence". Back shows employee name, designation, QR code, office address, phone number, email, and webpage address.

Providing Kasi Insight with the right tools for success. 

To support Kasi Insight’s continued growth and help them maintain brand consistency as they expanded, we provided them with a comprehensive brand style guide and a set of branded templates. The brand style guide served as an essential resource, outlining proper brand use, brand identity guidelines, and rules for creating and using visual assets. We also provided illustrations and icons, along with clear instructions on how to use them. 

The toolkit included social media templates, PowerPoint templates, and email signatures, streamlining their communications and presentations, while keeping everything on brand. It also included UI elements tailored for Kasi Insight’s website relaunch.   

This toolkit provided their team with a detailed framework for effective communication, detailing rules for consistent messages and visual asset creation in line with the brand’s tone and voice.


  • Logo and brand identity. 
  • Brand guidelines. 
  • Social media and PowerPoint templates. 
  • Website UI elements. 
  • Email signatures. 
  • Business cards. 

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