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We created a brand identity for an intergenerational financial literacy initiative.

Parents partenaires en éducation (PPE) is a provincial organization dedicated to providing parents of children in French-language schools across Ontario with a wealth of resources, guides, and information. Their goal is to support and enhance parental involvement in their children’s education. In line with this commitment, PPE introduced an innovative initiative called L’épanouissement financier des familles francophones de l’Ontario. This program was designed to educate parents on financial literacy, empowering them with the knowledge and tools needed to, in turn, guide and teach their children.

Three Parents partenaires en éducation (PPE) posters side by side on a wall, each of them has a photo and text. The photo is of a man on a yoga mat attempting a plank, with his daughter on his back, both sharing a joyful laugh.

Understanding challenges surrounding teaching personal finance. 

Teaching children about personal finance and how to build wealth is a powerful way parents can positively influence their lives, helping them prepare for success in school and life. However, many parents feel they lack the right knowledge to guide their children. According to a 2018 poll by CIBC, 73 per cent of parents avoided talking about money regularly, in part because they didn’t know where to start. Specifically, immigrant families come face to face with hurdles unique to them. This includes having to navigate a new country, learn a new language, and build a credit score.

Providing tailor-made tools for parents by parents. 

In 2021, Parents partenaires en éducation, in collaboration with Next Level Impact Consulting, launched L’épanouissement financier des familles francophones de l’Ontario. This innovative project was co-created in partnership with Francophone families across Ontario, including immigrant families. The primary goal of this initiative was to empower families towards financial independence, particularly in the aftermath of the pandemic. The approach involved providing parents with tailor-made tools to effectively teach their children about financial literacy.  

Through a series of webinars, families actively participated in shaping and building this initiative from the ground up. Their collective feedback and unique perspectives played a pivotal role in ensuring that the program was designed to meet the specific needs of the diverse Francophone community.

Three phones displaying different Instagram posts from PPE Ontario. "L'épanouissement financier"

Creating an approachable sub-brand for PPE. 

Parents partenaires en éducation approached B4brand to create a brand identity for L’épanouissement financier des familles francophones de l’Ontario that would position this initiative as an approachable and human-led program designed to offer a simplified, supportive outlook on family finances.  

Establishing the brand direction and personality for this initiative involved a thoughtful process where we incorporated valuable feedback shared by families, emphasizing the significance of their contributions. The defined brand direction was crafted to embody qualities such as friendliness, collaboration, and optimism. Our goal was to create a brand personality that came across as bright, relatable, trustworthy, empathetic, and feminine, fostering positive connections with the target audience.

Bringing the brand to life. 

Through a thoughtful combination of colour palette, typography, and designs, we brought our brand identity to life. Starting with the colour palette, we included a trusted blue, which is associated with reliability in traditional financial brands, instilling a sense of serenity and trust. To modernize the brand, we introduced peach tones in a range from soft to punchy hues, creating a palette that feels both familiar and fresh. 

In our typography choice, we used a font that was modern, legible, and easy-to-read that speaks to a forward-thinking finance experience. 

To further enhance the visual identity, we crafted patterns to represent the core values of the project: inclusion, freedom, kindness, peace of mind, thriving, and the intergenerational sharing of knowledge and wealth. 

An iPhone mockup displaying a Parents partenaires en éducation (PPE) Instagram post of a mother, father, and child sharing a loving gaze with the text “L’ épanouissement financier des families francophones de l’Ontario”. Two additional Instagram posts hovering outside the phone in a horizontal arrangement with similar family images and the text “Les parents jouent un rôle-clé dans l’ éducation de leurs enfants” and “Budgétez votre année financière en famille”.

Defining photography guidelines. 

Lastly, we defined photography guidelines, ensuring that PPE’s visual content resonated with the diverse Francophone families it engaged with. This included having multicultural photos, that authentically represented the backgrounds of various Francophone families supported by the initiative. These photos are intended to showcase families spending quality time together, emphasizing the intergenerational exchange of knowledge and the collective experience of participating in activities as a family.


  • Brand identity (mission, target audience, brand direction, brand personality, colour palette, typography, patterns, photography, and social media layout). 
  • Brand style guide. 
  • Social media templates, compatible with Canva. 
  • Explainer and promo videos. 
  • Social media training session.

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