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We launched a mobile-first platform for the next generation of Canadian Francophone entrepreneurs.  

RDÉE Canada has been a staple in fostering the economic development of the Francophone and Acadian communities for over 25 years through leadership, programming, collaborations, and partnerships. 

A study desk setup with a lamp and books. On the desk, an open laptop displays the Entrepreneurs 15-30 website. Next to the laptop, a cell phone screen shows the same website in a mobile setting.
Study desk setup with a small planter against a white brick wall. An open laptop on the desk displays the Entrepreneurs 15-30 website.

Empowering young Francophone entrepreneurs on their business journey. 

Wanting to support the next generation of Francophone entrepreneurs, RDÉE Canada created Entrepreneurs 15-30 — a one-stop resource and information platform to help young adults embark on a path of entrepreneurship.  

Building on Entrepreneurs 15-30 platform, RDÉE Canada proceeded to launch another initiative, the “15-30 en action” project — translated in English “Francophone Youth and Social Innovation” — which aims to award grants of up to $5,000 to young Francophones aged 15 to 30 who reside in Canada’s 12 provinces and territories (outside Quebec). Grants are awarded to youth or groups of youth with a community service or social entrepreneurship project that has a direct impact on communities.  

RDÉE Canada turned to B4brand to carry out both projects. First, to create a user-friendly, mobile-first website that serves as a one-stop resource and information platform for the next generation of Francophone entrepreneurs across Canada. Then to create a brand identity for the new 15-30 en action program, in alignment with its parent initiative.

An iPhone mockup displaying the Entrepreneurs 15:30 website, with four additional website sections appearing to hover outside the phone in a horizontal arrangement.

Creating a responsive and user-friendly platform with easy navigation. 

Our team used a fun, sophisticated design approach to develop a responsive and user-friendly platform with easy navigation that optimized the user’s journey. This was achieved by transforming text-heavy documents into fun, Instagram-like carousels to guide desktop and mobile users through the site, helping them find valuable information quickly and efficiently. We incorporated brand colours throughout the website using bright, funky illustrations to ensure brand consistency with the RDÉE Canada guidelines while creating a unique and distinct look and feel. The illustrations allowed us to visually represent the diverse Francophone community and the target audience’s age range, 15- to 30-years-old. 

Entrepreneurs 15:30 logo is displayed. The logo features "15" on top of "30," with a yellow dot in the center of 15. In "30," there are two round shapes at the three digit’s head and bottom in green and blue respectively. The image includes sketch arrows with explanations. The top arrow points to the text "The range of the targeted audience." The two arrows below point at the 3 and its dots, with text that reads "diverse people" (pointing at the dot) and "the connection they make" at the letter 3.

Conceptualizing Entrepreneurs 15-30’s logo. 

When designing Entrepreneurs 1530’s logo, we wanted this brand asset to reiterate diversity and networking, specifically the connections made as an entrepreneur through an organization like RDÉE Canada. The different coloured dots within the logo playfully symbolize this while displaying the brand colours, anchoring the brand’s identity, and representing networking and connectivity.

The 15:30 logo is displayed. The "15" is green, the digits of "30" are in blue, and there are three dots between 15 and 30 in yellow, blue, and green. The image includes sketch arrows pointing at different sections of the logo. Two arrows on top point at the largest dot between 15 and 30. One arrow's text read "three colors represent diversity," and the other arrow's text reads "the circles get bigger to show how much audience's social efforts are making a difference." Two arrows at the bottom point at 15 and 30 and read "age of the audience”.
A horizontal bus stop banner advertisement featuring the 15:30 logo, text about the organization, and a smiling man in the center, holding a cellphone.

Achieving visual cohesion with their next project, a logo for 15-30 en action. 

To keep their brand extensions cohesive, RDÉE Canada wanted this new logo to look similar to their other initiative, namely Entrepreneurs 15-30. 

One of the most effective ways to achieve visual cohesion is through colour and shape, so the team implemented the same colour palette for 15-30 en action as Entrepreneurs 15-30. We also used the circle-shaped dots in the Entrepreneurs 15-30 logo to our advantage by adding a coloured circle to the “i” in “action” and increased the size of the other two circles above, producing a dynamic logo that speaks to its audience’s endeavours towards social impact.  

This design decision also served as another way to visually separate the numbers 15 and 30 so that they are perceived as separate numbers by the audience and not as one whole number reading 1530. We switched up the typography and used two different typefaces to make this logo unique.

A woman sits at a computer desk and explores the Entrepreneurs 15:30 website while another woman stands over her, smiling at the screen.

Crafting a strong brand identity and a fresh platform for success. 

With this website and brand identity, B4brand provided RDÉE Canada with an engaging and fresh platform to flourish in a space where most entrepreneur websites are too institutional and considered overwhelming to this “tech” generation. This new website is helping them in their mission of supporting the current Francophone and Acadian communities and future entrepreneurs. Alongside this new platform, we created a second brand in alignment of the overall branding identity, achieving cohesion while demonstrating the relationship between the initiatives.


  • Website design.  
  • Logo and brand identity.

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