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We brought SeaHearts’ brand identity to life, helping them in their mission towards a sustainable future.  

SeaHearts is an innovative, mission-driven, personal care brand that uses natural, safe ingredients and reusable, refillable packaging to reduce plastic pollution. 

Two cylindrical bottles of Sea Hearts Body Wash places in the sand with the ocean shore visible in the background.

The environmental impact of everyday choices. 

Over the past few years, personal care and hygiene products have become a top priority for conscious shoppers. From soaps to deodorants, to shower gels and baby supplies, consumers are routinely purchasing these products, contributing to their environmental impact. Single-use and short-lived products and packaging, in Canada alone, make-up almost one third of the plastics used, according to a science assessment of plastic pollution by the Government of Canada from 2020. Plastic pollution has been found in our soil, on our shorelines, in groundwater, and even our air, food, and drinking water.  

Product photography of ‘Sea Hearts' branded shopping bags and body wash bottles sitting in front of a white background.

Seeking out sustainable products. 

Everyday consumers are faced with tons of options while shopping, with a growing number becoming conscious of the environmental impact their purchases have. Some have begun to search for alternative products that align with their sustainable lifestyle. Unfortunately, many find there are few options on the market that match their needs. Lina, the founder of SeaHearts, was one of them and decided to create a brand without the use of harmful ingredients, single-use plastics, and water waste, believing that positive change is imperative for consumers’ health and the planet.

Composition of six squares in Sea Hearts color palette, featuring buyer personas with their images, ages, genders, and marital statuses.
Composition of six squares in Sea Hearts color palette, featuring buyer personas with their images, ages, genders, and marital statuses.

Setting the foundations for a strong brand identity.  

To create a strong brand identity for SeaHearts that resonates with their target customers across all platforms, we started by establishing foundational intangible brand assets. This included their mission, vision, purpose, positioning, value proposition, brand promise, attributes, values, buyer personas, tone, and voice. This involved research and interviews for feedback to craft accurate customer personas. Once we set up the foundations of the brand identity, research guided our next steps, and strategy clarified how to communicate the key messages effectively to attract and retain customers.

'Sea Hearts' logo surrounded by text and arrows, explaining different parts of the logo. The text reads “A bold magenta typeface catches the audiences’s attention.”, “The heart places within the A’s counterpart illustrates the brand’s human-dentered disposition.”, and “The rounded counterparts communicate friendliness.”

A minimalist and a sustainable design approach. 

We brought the brand identity to life with punchy, cheerful, friendly, and minimalist visual assets, aiming to capture SeaHearts target audience’s attention and make them feel reflected in the branding. Our minimalist design approach was aligned with sustainability and the idea that ‘less is more’.   

Through meaningful typography, a timeless logo, and aesthetically pleasing designs, we created an overall impactful and welcoming brand identity. The logo was designed as a lowercase text (wordmark) with a bold typeface and has wide spacing within the letters, known as “counterpart”. Within the counterpart of the word “sea”, we incorporated a small heart-shaped icon to express SeaHeart’s commitment to loving and caring for the planet and the body they are in. We added a tagline “At SeaHearts, we have big hearts”, sharing with the audience their empathetic values and their care for their consumers and the planet. To compliment the simplicity of the logo, we used punchy and cheerful colours to create a vivid and visually striking product line, helping them stand out from other brands. 

Hands holding a tablet, displaying Sea Hearts webpage with brand grid.

Giving SeaHearts the toolkits to succeed.  

We provided SeaHearts with a brand style guide to help them communicate their brand consistently across all platforms from digital to print. This essential document contained all the guidelines for the proper use of the brand, outlining brand identity, visual assets, and how to use them. Within the style guide, we defined SeaHearts‘ social media look and feel and established the art direction for brand photography. Additionally, we created social media templates to streamline content uploading on social platforms. We also provided instructions on how to effectively communicate the brand’s unique value proposition to SeaHearts‘ audience, ensuring the right tone and voice were used.


  • Logo and brand identity. 
  • Brand guidelines. 
  • Buyer personas. 
  • Packaging design. 
  • Social media templates. 
  • Tagline. 
  • Key messaging and guidelines. 
  • Brand tone and voice. 

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